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[fragments from: theoretical composition]

part 0  -  (2010)  


     Negative dynamics cover the area where sound is absent but all other components regarding production of sound are active. Its mission is to modulate        

     silence through physicality. Its gradients are intensity. Its potential is soundless music. Its sound is minus forte. Its ppppp is speed.

part 1 -  

   Negative Dynamics proposes a shift, or a capsize/inversion, in aim/attention/focus of controlling sound, into aim/attention/focus of controlling

   silence. A space is therefore created with a set of instructions where this becomes attempted (the endeavour): absolute silence (or rather  

   intensified    silence).

   However, this remains an impossibility, but a very different levels of impossibilities emerges...

   It should also be noted that the performer should by no means attempt any theatricality or exaggeration of any gesture. Subtle precision of muscle    

   actions, with the aforementioned aim, together with a subtlety reaching the efforts and dimensions of the proprioception space/area, are to be the     

   sufficient and total engagement. 

part 2 -

...thus we introduce the negative parameter, our catalyst, the f. But, what does this parameter stand for, what does it communicate? Foremost, it has a strong relation to physicality and that is our first conclusion: we are now, quite firmly, physicality-based, i.e. as sounds fall below zero we clearly fall into the physical. So, what, in turn of physicality, does this parameter signify? We can say it communicates several things. First we must note that this ‘negative’ is not a mere opposition or negation, it is rather a “positive negativity” which “simultaneously suspends and incises, rather than cancels and preserves, every form of synthetic unity.”°° Second, it communicates a certain ‘over-attention’ regarding normal instrumental/bodily activities, e.g. the depression/release actions. In the realm of negative dynamics these actions are equally important, they equally require great effort to remain silent.

°°Brassier (2010), 147

part 3 -

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