I am increasingly interested in the following: radical non-identity, contingency-structure, nonlinearity, nonlocality, rhizome, non-fixity, antigenealogy, nonhierarchy, separation dynamics, 'realm of pure relationality', physicality, intensity-instability, anti-chronology, nondeterminism, non-correspondence, pure notation, the indefinite, ungrounding, involuntary movement, 'time out of joint', virtuality structure, quantum vacuum, sensation engineering, silent music, perception-of-perception, strange/chaotic attractors, aesthetics of radical immanence ... "


______NEWS - upcoming (and bygone)__________


ensemble intercontemporain

the premiere of my new piece, Desiring-Machines, will be performed by Ensemble Intercontemporain on October 04, 2012 in Centre Pompidou, Paris

(click to view the score)


artist stipend

Awarded an Artist Stipend (starfslaun listamanna, 2012) from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Iceland


ensemble intercontemporain

will perform my piece, Nine Tensions, on October 20, 2011 in Centre Pompidou, Paris (link)


Elision Ensemble

will premiere my piece, Non-vanishing vacuum state, on October 22, 2011 in Leuven, Belgium during the TRANSIT Festival, followed by performance on two more festivals. The piece was co-commissioned by Huddersfield festival (hcmf), TRANSIT and Dark Music Days


Nordic Music Days Commission for Orchestra

The piece will be performed by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra on the opening concert of the Nordic Music Days 2011, which are held in Iceland this year


Klangforum Wien

will premiere my piece, Quanta, on February 05 2011 in Graz, with additional concert on Feb 18 in Vienna, the piece was commission by impuls for klangforum wien


Adapter Ensemble is performing "Seven intensions" June 13th 2010 in Reykjavik and at Time of Music Festival, Viitasaari, Finland, 10 July 2010, + final concert in Berlin on Nordlichter Biennale 25th of September 2010


ensemble intercontemporain


The commission was awarded through the Tremplin Programme 2010, organised by IRCAM and Ensemble Intercontemporain. The piece will be performed during the 2012-13 season


Jonathan Harvey Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded for full-time PhD study in composition at the CeReNeM



Recent performances:

04-10-2012  - Ensemble Intercontemporain performed Desiring-Machines (Centre Pompidou, Paris)

22-11-2011 - ELISION Ensemble performed Non-vanishing vacuum state (hcmf //, Huddersfield, UK) 

22-10-2011 - ELISION Ensemble performed Non-vanishing vacuum state (TRANSIT, Leuven, Belgium) 

20-10-2011 - Ensemble Intercontemporain performed Nine Tensions (Centre Pompidou, Paris)

06-10-2011 - Iceland Symphony Orchestra performed Repetition of Repetition (Nordic Music Days, Reykjavík) 

05-04-2011 - Johnny Chang performed Negative Dynamics-I(a) (University of Huddersfield)

18-02-2011  -  Klangforum Wien performed Quanta (Konzerthaus, Vienna)

05-02-2011  -  Klangforum Wien performed Quanta (Helmut-list-Halle, Graz)

09-2010  -  Ensemble Adapter performed Seven Intensions (nordlichter biennale, Berlin)

07-2010  -  Ensemble Adapter performed Seven Intensions  (Time of Music festival, Finaland)

06-2010  -  Ensemble Adapter performed Seven Intensions  (FRUM festival, Reykjavik)

04-2010 - DuoPlus performed Conditions -posttensions-

11-2009 - ensemble cras performed Conditions -posttensions- II 

11-2009 - ELISION Ensemble performed Tendencies 

09-2009 - ensemble cras performed Conditions -posttensions- II  

09-2009 - Holland Symfonia performed Apertures 

08-2009 - ASKO|SCHÖNBERG performed Nine Tensions 

08-2009 - Ensemble Adapter performed Seven Intensions 

08-2009 - Nordic Sinfonietta performed Nine Tensions 

05-2009 - DuoPlus performed Conditions -posttensions- 

05-2009 - Ephraim van IJzerlooy performed Marml  

02-2009 - Caput Ensemble performed Nine Tensions 

11-2008 - Insomnio performed Nine Tensions 

05-2008 - Ligeti Academy performed Nine Tensions 

02-2008 - DuoPlus performed Conditions - posttensions- 

05-2007 - Nieuw Ensemble performed Conditions 












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