Conductor sample (click-track) for practice purposes. 

The track can be downloaded on the link below the image (mp3 file). 

The track begins by 4 count-in beats at tempo 80 and then continuous following the conductor staff. 

In this audio-file each downbeat has a strong accent click and a chime, and is followed by three softer clicks, i.e. each beat (8th note) is subdivided in 4 (32nd notes). This should help familiarize the performer with the tempi involved.

NB. because of the nature of the piece/parts this click-track is only one of many possible outcomes. It is therefore not a definitive version of what the conductor might conduct. 


desiring-machines_conductor click-track.mp3 desiring-machines_conductor click-track.mp3
Size : 6401.103 Kb
Type : mp3


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