These compositions are now available for hire and/or sale.

Please contact my publisher Deuss Music  for rentals or purchases of the following compositions

(for complete list of works click here)

   Conditions - for flute, sho, viola, harp, guitar, qanun, mandolin and vibraphone (2007)    ca.8'

   Conditions –posttensions- for bass clarinet and accordion (2007/8)     ca.7'

   Macrophobia – for violin, clarinet and percussion (2007)      ca.1'

   Conditions –posttensions extension- for bass clarinet, accordion, soprano, cello and percussion (2007/8)

   Nine Tensions – for flute(+alto), clarinet(, bassoon, horn, piano, harp, celesta, percussion(2), violin, viola and cello (2008)    ca.12'

   Conditions –posttensions- II  - for bass-clarinet, accordion and double-bell trumpet (2008)     6.5'

   Seven Intensions – for flute, bass-clarinet, harp, piano and percussion (2008)       ca.7'

   Marml – for cello (2009)     ca.8'

   Apertures – for orchestra (2009)    ca.9'     >>>>> published by Donemus/MCN

   Tendencies –  for oboe, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin and double bass (2009)     ca.10'

   Topiary –  for recorder (2009)    ca 6'

    Quanta  –   for flute, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, accordion, percussion, violin, viola, cello and doublebass (2010)    ca. 10-11'

    Non-vanishing vacuum state  -  for bass-flute, bass-clarinet, trumpet and cello (2011)    6'

   Repetition of Repetition –  for orchestra     (2011)     ca.8-9'

   Desiring-Machines  -  for conductor and 24 musicians (2012)    17-27'

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